Stand up for nature! Nature Canada is submitting evidence in hearings about how the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline/tanker project will affects marine ecosystems.

Canada needs to step up to protect endangered Southern Resident Orcas, and threatened Marbled Murrelets and Short-tailed Albatross from threats posed by Trans Mountain oil tankers.  Scientists are very concerned that a tanker spill is “inevitable”, given that Trans Mountain would increase the number of giant tankers from one per week to more than one per day. This is unacceptable for Canadian wildlife. 

Your gift today will: 

  • ◊ Defend threatened marine birds from oil tankers loaded with Trans Mountain bitumen;
  • Ensure that marine species at risk have a voice at the National Energy Board;
  • Protect marine mammals such as Orcas from noise and disturbance caused by marine shipping vesses; and
  •  Save threatened marine bird species such as Marbled Murrelet, Short-tailed Albatross and globally significant species including Trumpeter Swan, Western Sandpiper from potential oil spills.

Please make the choice to take action and give generously today. Because wildlife and nature must be protected!

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